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How to Make the City More Conducive to the Disabled Citizens.

Take a minute to reflect on the kind of a life you would be leading if you were disabled. In the absence of your arms, how will meal preparation look like? Ask yourself how you would be handling meal preparation if your arms were not attached to your body. Also, how would you get around when you are stuck in a wheelchair. Able-bodied people are scared of these thoughts. However, for those who have disabilities, they have to come up with creative ways to do this. In matters to do with making life easier for the disabled, there is quite a lot the local government can do and even city planners. It would be a lot of help if there were curb raps. Many people choose to walk around the city. However, the ones in wheelchairs are not considered in such cases. Instead of depending on car or buses to get around the city, those who are in wheelchairs can just use the curb ramps. This would not cost the city much but it will be life changing for the disabled citizens. Another thing the city should add on public transportation are the ramps. Every time you are getting onto the bus or a subway there are usually gaps. For those with prosthetics or even in wheelchairs, this is something they are not in a position to enjoy. The presence of automatic ramps would make life very easy for those who are disabled.

Using the bathroom is something that comes quite naturally for many people. Therefore, the disabled should have assisted-use toilets. It is wrong to require someone to control bathroom trips based on disability. Just like the able-bodied people are in a position to rush to the bathroom every time they need to, the same should be accorded to the disabled citizens. It is important for city planners and also building owners to put this into consideration when it comes to implementing policies. People who are disabled can also benefit from everyday items if they are adjusted to accommodate their needs. Things as the height of the counters at various businesses, the handle of the front door and getting out of the elevator are a clear example. These are issues which can have a big impact on the disabled citizens.

Disability does not end at what is seen. People who have visual disabilities and even visual ones should also be considered. The accommodations might be a bit complex but it does not mean they should not be added. You need to consider aspects like background noise as well as the location before you effect such a change. For more about accessibility for disabled citizens you can read more here.

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